Kota Women Weavers Organisation

Place: Kota

The Kota Women Weavers Organisation was set up in 2005 to empower the women weavers in the Kota Doria cluster in Kaithoon near Kota in S. E. Rajasthan and to enable them to produce and sell on their own accounts without having to work for minimal wages for the Master Weavers. One woman per household unit can be a member. Most of their 100 members run Self Help Groups of approximately 10 members with bank accounts to benefit from government schemes and to take loans. At first the Government provided administrative help but those days are long gone and they are dependent on their own resources and contacts for orders and marketing. Traditionally they have taken their saris to exhibitions all over India. But the future is on line. The Kota Doria weavers are authorised to use the registered Geographical Indication (G.I.) mark on their saris and every genuine hand woven Kota Doria sari includes the G I mark woven into it guaranteeing real cotton and silk and real zari.

Nasruddin Ansari

Weaver : more than 40years
Place : Kota

Nasruddin Ansari, a National Awardee, is carrying the legacy and heritage of Kota Doria, a weaving craft that his family has possessed through generations. By developing a unique style of his own, he has matured in reflecting the ancient traditions of weaving in a contemporary vocabulary, a high degree of creativity and aesthetic finesse is seen in his sarees. Glittered with gold and brilliant colours on the delicate saris - jaal of leaves & flower, gold checks, peacocks & birds, and the pops of colour from the extra weft figuring make the Kota Doria sarees delightfully versatile.

Asgar Ali

Weaving since : 40years
Place : Kota

Asgar Ali has been a Kota Doria weaver for more than 40 years, his father and grandfather before that too were Kota weavers. Asgar Ali and his five younger brothers, sketch these beautiful designs on their own and then delegate it to the weavers depending on their skill and also the type of design, as certain designs fit only to certain kind of loom the weaver uses.